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General Department

The General Science & humanities Option of the diploma course is geared toward students whose interests and skills in science are more cross-disciplinary than those students who pursue traditional majors in chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics and English.

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The educational objectives of the Option are to produce graduates:

who are well versed in a broad range of topics in the sciences, humanities, and the arts and have a broad knowledge of the sciences.

who can demonstrate possession and application of higher-level learning skills in critical thinking and problem solving as applied to science issues.

who can effectively apply the scientific method.

who can utilize the cross-disciplinary research literature to analyze and synthesize science issues and their socio-economic and political implications.

who in their future careers will be able to work both on cross-disciplinary teams and function independently as specialists in technical field.

Educational Outcomes:

Explaining the basic scientific principles and methods.

Inculcate scientific thinking and awareness among the student.

 Ability to handle the unexpected situation by critically analyzing the problem.